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Recommended guidelines in the PLA

Throughout the Jizerské hory Mountains PLA, the following is not permitted:

  • Enter and park motor vehicles off roads, local roads and reserved places,
  • Enter forest service roads by motor vehicles,
  • Camp, distribute and maintain a fire outside of designated places,
  • Store and dispose of any waste except where designated.

In addition, the following is not permitted within the territory of Zone I and II:

  • Irreversibly damage the soil surface (this particularly involves cyclist entry off the marked roads),
  • Hold cyclist contests off roads, local roads and sites designated by the PLA Administration

Within the territory of national nature reserves, the following is also not allowed:

  • Entry away from marked paths, either on foot or by motor vehicle; the pursuits of climbing, paragliding and hang gliding,
  • Cycling off the routes, local roads and sites designated by the PLA Administration,
  • Entry to the reserves by motor vehicles,
  • Collecting or capturing plants and animals.

Within the territory of nature reserves, avoid the following:

  • Collect or capture any plants and animals except collecting berries.

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