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Administration Activities

Being the authority exercising state administration in nature conservation and landscape protection in accordance with Act No. 114/92 Coll. within the territory under its responsibility, which includes decision making with respect to potential building development throughout the PLA, giving opinions on forest management, setting conditions for any activity that may damage the natural environment, declaring nature reserves and monuments, conducting infringement proceedings with the intruders of law etc.

On one hand, the PLA Administration is also an expert nature conservation organisation, which involves facilitating inventories and scientific monitoring of the natural systems, issuing expert opinions to applicants and other relevant authorities, developing management plans for protected areas and ensuring these plans are implemented and completed. This is in particular done through managing and funding a wide range of practical measures to aid the specially protected natural areas.

An increasing portion of the work done by the PLA Administration is that of ecological education and public outreach. In doing so, the office for example organises presentations and field trips for selected groups of public, publishes diverse types of printed matter, contributes to magazines and newspapers and develops visitor infrastructure like nature trails, hiking paths, observation points or information boards.

A group of volunteer rangers is recruited from the members of public to help ensuring compliance with the protection regime of the PLA and provide information services to visitors.

In many activities, the PLA Administration cooperates with municipalities and NGOs. A new addition to the range of the Jizerské hory Mountains PLA as well as the Liberec Regional Office services is to perform the duties of the former Liberec office, which means in particular providing assistance to the state administration authorities and managing MoE landscape programmes as well as the Operational Programme in the territory of the region.

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